The cricket puppet stood in the air

Summary: The cricket puppet stood in the air.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. hearthling Excavating massif
  2. The cricket puppet is standing on the massif to be excavated by hearthling.
  3. The land was dug up, and the cricket puppet did not fall.

Expected Results: The cricket puppet fell to the ground.

Actual Results: Stand in the air

Notes: I did not notice this situation at that time, and there was a wrong report at that time. But I turned it off.


Version Number and Mods in use: latest,Miner

System Information: don‘t have

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The error would have been useful to know :disappointed_relieved:

Do you have the savefile where this happened? Or was it fixed after you saved and loaded?

No I’m often Cover game Archive before I quit., but then I put it change into the state of items, and then the items fell off.


A similar error occurs when when the cricket puppet is climbing the ladder, and the hearthling mine the clay/stone… where it will go