The Building of The Giant Rabbit Statue

Thanks to the good citizens of PillockVille, The people of Template Town were able to get their hands on a plan for an even bigger version of the bunny monument! Here is the story of the construction of the great monument.

It begins with a rough plan for placement.

The builders are all too excited to start.

Lunchtime on the construction site.

Making Progress. Many Hearthlings report "A presence watching over them…"

The stone supply has dwindled, but more has been ordered.

Moving on up now.

The monument makes a good lookout post.

A new worker joins us after hearing of our quest!

The scaffolding obscures our creation! Surely the gods won’t smite us for this…

Onto the mighty ears.

One worker was quoted exclaiming, "We’re thiiiiiis close to completion!"

The statue is complete! Praise throughout the land!

The workers appear to have stopped removing scaffolding! However will we admire our creation?

So it would appear, that although construction was successful, and the gods pleased, the workers are unable to remove most of the scaffolding required to undertake such a task. I recommend using Instant build.

The Template of the statue.
giant bunny statue large.json - Google Drive


Thanks for posting the template. One thing I wish this game had was a way to automatically generate a template for a statue of a particular hearthling (or even have your Mason carve statues of your dudes, just importing hair type, gender, etc).


Awesome! Unfortunate that they couldn’t take down the scaffolding, but I wasn’t even expecting them to be able to finish the building part of it. You must be a good mayor!

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For what I can see in the picture what you need to do to remove the scaffolding is to place player placed ladders. Make sure the hearthlings can reach every single bit of scaffolding. Ladders to the top of the ears, over the head, and so on. If they don’t start removing the scaffolding immediately save and load. That may re-trigger the process.

Have Fun and good luck! Kyth.