The ability to transfer items from one stockpile to another

I’m not too sure if this has been brought up before but I’d like to suggest it

I’d like the ability to transfer items from one stockpile to another as well set a limit to how many items can be in the stockpile.currently the game is using a filter system I will admit this is a nice and simple functions for the game.for someone like me and I imagine others we would probably prefer a more efficient way.

let me set up a scenario for you let’s say I build a home for my blacksmith inside of the house I have a couple of stone chests inside the stone chess contains the half Lings food the chest has been set up in way that it will always contain 10 food as well outside the blacksmith’s home he has a stockpile we’ll always contain 50 wood and 100 ore as well room for
tools & goods.this means that the blacksmith would not have to run to the main stockpile all the time to retrieve wood or other goods.allowing the blacksmith to do what he does best making weapons of mass destruction.

I will admit this has been a bit of a big post and I’ll probably rambled on a little bit I do understand that this will probably cause more damage than good seeing that has the potential to bog down the AI

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We had a nice suggestion here :slight_smile: :

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there have been similair topics about the storage system, like Temporary storage zone or transportation storage zone and there have been questions for a while to be able to priorites chest

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