Texture glitches. (Minor)

Some textures like when you pick peaceful/normal/hard are messed up. So when I pick normal, it’s the same as hard, and peaceful has normal textures, and some of the icons are a bit messed up too.

Can you show us screenshots?

Ok, wait a sec.

Here is an example, inspiring is normal mode, but it shows this.

That is correct. You picked a difficulty other than no monsters (peaceful), so there are monsters in the image.

This isn’t showing peacful to me, it says an inspiring place to start anew. and shows the hard mode monsters.

That is what I said, you didn’t pick a peaceful difficult, so it has monsters, the monster image is the same for both difficulties in vanilla biomes, but it is possible to change it (for example, archipelago has a monster image for normal, and another for hard)
And here the texts:

            "game_modes": {
               "normal": {
                  "display_name": "Normal",
                  "description": "Adventure forth in a world fraught with danger. Your town will be subject to raiding enemies.",
                  "post_selection_text": "an inspiring place to start anew."
               "peaceful": {
                  "display_name": "Peaceful",
                  "description": "A sandbox-mode, where you're free to build your town without worrying about invaders whatsoever.",
                  "post_selection_text": "a tranquil place to start anew."
               "hard": {
                  "display_name": "Hard",
                  "description": "Face more difficult monsters than normal mode",
                  "post_selection_text": "a daunting place to start anew."