Team R - Wallpaper

No new day without a new, weird idea. So the last days I was pondering… “pondering”… ha, what a wordplay for a German :wink:… however, I was thinking about working on some “Fan Art”. The weird part of this idea is also the reason why you don’t see familiar names, but maybe you can guess some coincidental analogies with real life.

Let’s see where this will lead to…

You can also download / watch a .png-version with 1’920 x 1’080 pixels.


Cute, very nice piece of fan art

Where is Owen Wilson? Nah, I suppose that would be a bit too obvious, this is fantastic :smile:

I also like the way that there is only a few 100 people who will actually get some of these references. I, who was definitely not one of those spamming Tomshot :blush: am pleased to be one of those select scoundrels.

This does look fantastic, thankyou for hopefully being the spawn of a plethora (word of the day) of fan art and memes :smile:

im offended by Tomshot!

kidding… i kid… im a kidder… :smile:


A bit too early for Halloween but I thought it is a good idea to share this one as a measure of precaution. If you see one of those two guys asking for sweets… you better think twice!

Thanks to @Pandemic as I have abused your Goblins for this one.

You can also download / watch a .png-version with 1’920 x 1’080 pixels.