Teaching and Studies

I wanted to ask whether my little villagers will be able to teach each other to impart knowledge? So the brewmaster could teach the brewer and the brewer would gain exp. and could level up faster (something like this). Or maybe he teaches a farmer who would directly level up to brewmaster after some time spent with his teacher (so he doesn’t work during that time).

There was some mentionings of this, unfortunately I cannot find it for the life of me. It basically revolved around the ideas that you have proposed here, in that there would be some sort of ‘apprenticing’ system. In the respect that your higher level worker could ‘tutor’ a lower level settler of the same profession for a exp boost or something.

It was similarly applied to military units, perhaps a veteran military unit could train the other soldiers in tactics etc.

We haven’t had any official word on whether something like this will be implemented, but hey, we’re all here to throw ideas around!

I’ll try and get on to finding the discussions.

Edit: In regards to your military learning how to deal with different enemies (slightly edited):

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