Taking Suggestions For New Mods

You mean like an item that would spawn goblins and wolves and such?

Precisely, just with control over where they would spawn. like a deploy-able item like a chair or table. but instead of furniture, baddie(s) appear on said voxxel.

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You could make them thematic. Like a goblin honor token spawns goblins, a gravestone spawns undead, a rock spawns stone golems, a small tree summons ents


Now you’re thinking. Let’s get those ideas flowing


Alrighty guys I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

I have a mod, have you ever played the game beast and bumpkins?,
look it up on youtube, the way the settlers reproduce… it has this sound, best noice in the universe :wink:

I want that :smiley:

Love Dale

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I would love to have more building objects for the potter to expand the creativity on claybuildings (like perhpas doubledoors, double windows, a neutral coloured door and window) pehaps even claylike fences.

I also totally like @groms Idea with the “earthlike slaps”.

and last but not least to place water (waterblocks?) would be really cool so you can “build” your own lake or pond into your town.

thank you for showing interest in modding for the community ( within one’s means of course)


Hey there @tyler53,

I’m not sure how ‘big’ this truly is to ask, but what about a mod to enhance the current world generation?

Things like rivers, more realistic lakes, realistic hills and mountains, and just general stuff like that would be very well appreciated, to say the least, by the community! But honestly, it doesn’t even have to be that. Really, I think if you just go in and create a mod that changes the current generation in some way, in any way, whatever your imagination wants, it’ll be a much welcome mod!

Either way, whatever you decide on doing, best of luck!

I look forward to seeing it!


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Nope, never played it, but I’ll sure take a look :slightly_smiling:

THAT I can do :slight_smile: I’ve added that to the list (I’ve got a pretty decent list of “Item Pack” mods that I’m probably going to publish all together).

This is an awesome idea! In fact, just a few days ago I was trying to build a moat around my castle and I was thinking to myself “Man, I can’t wait until they implement more water stuff like moving it around so that we could build stuff like this.” Funny how these things go :slightly_smiling:

As far as making it a mod, not sure how easy or hard that’d be, but I’ll certainly look into it!

Of course!! Thank YOU for your support :blush: :smile: :sunny:

That sounds like a mammoth of a task to take on, just because that stuff is handled by Radiant’s code, and it gets messy trying to deal with that kinda stuff (especially for a game in alpha). Honestly, I’m not too sure that something like that is possible as of now (I could be totally wrong), but I love the idea and I’ll definitely look into it (even if it’s not possible now, it may become possible at some point).

Thanks a bunch for the support :slightly_smiling:

Sorry for taking so long to respond to all you guys, I’ve been super busy trying to polish off my SUPER SECRET PROJECT that I’ve been working on… Okay so it’s not so super secret, and it’s not nearly as cool as I’m making it sound - I actually talked about it publicly over here:

In any case, I’m about 95% done with that (I might even be able to post the links here and make it public today :smiley: ), and as soon as I am, the next item on my agenda is to start digging in on all these great ideas :slightly_smiling:

Thanks so much for all of your responses, and I look forward to whatever else you come up with next!


@Rumdiddlyumm @Communistpenguin
Oops! forgot to include my reply to you guys way up here - sorry about that!

This sounds like an epic idea… I will see what I can do about that, don’t want to make any promises because I’m not sure how complicated it would be to add spawning capabilities and such, but I will do my very best! Thanks for the awesome ideas, keep 'em comin!


how about a block that makes it able to spawn a goblin camp. the idea is you would place the white flag that you can make with the carpender at a place on the map and after that a goblin will come and place a goblin campfire there. that’s how the camp starts.

please tell me if it is possible because i like the goblin camps and would like to be able to spawn them. insted of waiting till i have around 4k net worth.

Different biomes

  • Swamp (lots of small patch of water, muddy ground, mostly flat land with small mountains)
  • Dark wood (dark green grass, with twisted trees, and spider ennemies), like a haunted forest
  • Highlands (lots of mountains, few grass valleys, rare water, very few trees, lots of bushes)
  • Jungle (grass, some small water patches, lots of trees, mountains are small and rare but go really high)

The market idea What is the market, how do i make it?

Different tameable animals like, dogs, cats, lizards, birds?

I vote for the no camp scars mod. being we have to monkey around with the code for cemeterys now … would be nice if there was a more catch all solution.

whats the camp scars mod? i have never heard of that mod

Swapping the trapper with the shepherd would be great :slight_smile:

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Alrighty let’s start off with some replies, and then I’ll make another post here with an update :slight_smile:

This might be similar to what @Rumdiddlyumm and @Communistpenguin were saying:[quote=“Rumdiddlyumm, post:14, topic:20477”]
maybe an item or two to call mobs. like i want to build a Colosseum for unit training and personal amusement.

Similar, but different enough that maybe I could make it a feature in the same mod? :slight_smile: whatdya think?[quote=“ceetheman, post:26, topic:20477”]
Different biomes

Same kinda thing here, similar enough to the quoted suggestion below by @DontCallMeSurly, but different enough that maybe I could include them together?

Although, the more I think about it, your suggestion @ceetheman may be different enough to be its own mod, since Surly’s suggestion is enhancing the world generation itself, and you’re suggesting new biomes. I’ll fiddle around with it and see what works out :slight_smile:

I took a look at the link, I really like the idea! Definitely going on the list :slight_smile:

What if you could place the market stalls and:

  • There could be different levels for each stall too - so better blacksmith stalls, for example, would offer items of higher and higher rarity (at an increased price of course), and would also require higher level crafters to make the better stalls.

  • Instead of a quest to get merchants, you could choose to either

  • Simply wait for a merchant to fill the stall (kinda like a scenario spawning, or a caravan arriving), once you have the required population

  • OR Fill the stall with a hearthling of your own who would then in turn sell items you have in excess when “merchants” arrived

  • [Insert endless possibilities here :P]

In any case, love the idea, definitely adding it to the list :slight_smile:

This one I’m hesitant to attempt, given Radiant’s clear policy on “not implementing stuff they haven’t released yet”. For example, there are folders and such in A15 for the archer, but they don’t want us implementing those features because they’re not done yet. With that in mind, I know for a fact that they’ve mentioned having pets somewhere in their development pipeline. I don’t have a source to give ya, but I’m approximately 98.79% sure that that’s in the roadmap somewhere.

That being said, I suppose it wouldn’t be a violation of this if I wasn’t implementing THEIR content, but rather created my own independent of what they’re doing… I’ll look into that one - the last thing I want to do is disrespect the big guys :wink:

If I understand you correctly, you mean a mod that removes “camp scars”? Are you referring to the holes left in the ground after a goblin camp or similar scenario spawns in the world that you can’t remove because we can’t place grass/dirt yet?

You mean like having the shepherd available first, then upgrading the shepherd to the trapper? If so, I like the idea :slight_smile: I shall write it on the ever-expanding list!!

Again, sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been busy mucking about with my site, as well as working on some of the mods you’ve already suggested (more info to come on that in the next post :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas! Keep 'em coming!

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Okie dokie, it’s update time!! Woo!

I’ve been getting some steady work done (and have made some pretty significant progress) on the following:

@Communistpenguin, I’ve made some really decent progress on your suggestion.

I’d say I’m about halfway done, it’s a pretty simple mod it’s just very tedious (creating all the models and their iconic forms, then populating the JSON files and hooking it all up with the manifest and recipes etc. etc. etc.)

@Rumdiddlyumm I’ve also made a bit of progress on your suggestion.

I’ve definitely made the least progress on this one (except the ones I haven’t started on yet) simply because it’s a much more complicated idea. I’m worried that I may have to do some lua coding which, as I said before, I’m pretty sure we don’t have the ability to do yet for mods. Again, not at all sure on this, but I’ll keep you posted as I make more progress!

@Kagea I’ve taken a crack at your idea as well.

The progress I’ve made on this one is very similar to the name omitted to increase suspense mod that involves the stone and metal items. I’m probably about halfway done on this one as well and as I said above, it’s not so much complicated as it is tedious :slight_smile: Rest assured, however, that you should be seeing this published rather soon :slight_smile:

To everyone else who has submitted ideas I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. I can only handle so many projects at once (otherwise I tend to bounce back and forth and get nothing done :slight_smile: ), but I’ve written down every suggestion that I’ve said I did in my initial replies so they’re in the pipeline.

Thanks so much for your patience and support, and I look forward to hopefully producing some top quality content that you’ll all enjoy :slight_smile:


Yea that’d be awesome.

I’d really like a mod to ships, build your own or ready-made ( without planning mode ) , I’m sorry for the translation, I from Russia

I think you should stick to a theme, not just a mod with random additions. I mostly have ideas about combat and combat related jobs.