Tactical AI isn't all that... -.-

end of rant


  • Couple of Stone giants attack my place - Fine, I like the challenge.

  • My squad of fearless minions dispatching them efficiently while my priest heals them from behind - I had to remind him every time that he shouldn’t give a rock giant a kiss and that he can do his job from afar but ok… I guess I cant expect much. All that while the village people are helping them as well! :smiley: (I raised a general alarm)

  • A SINGLE idiot decides to go and vanquish FIVE Varanuses which were further away from my village then the stone giants on his own. That guy was my only Engineer.

Why would an engineer, no less, go against such odds and while his mates are in need of him in battle? D:

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Sounds like you left a poor commander in charge. How many footmen/archers/knights did you have on hand?

Issue 1:
The balance calculation for minion power is still in progress. I contributed an idea of how to fix it and @sdee promised to take a look at it.

Issue 2:
Priests draw next to no aggro, so as long as they don’t stand in the middle of AOE attacks, you don’t have to worry about them at all.

Issue 3:
I know that problem with fighters being overly attached to fight monsters they drew aggro on and got commanded back. This is a legit flaw or bug that needs to get fixed.

@Gaddiel - I had 3 workers turned into new soldiers and a single priest in the same squad, what I did to eliminate the problem with tasking them was to divide the squad into two. the 3 worriers(not yet warriors) on 7 and the priest on 8, I’ve also stopped using my hearthling as civilian reinforcements.

@DeMaggo - Thanks mate, regarding issue 2 - there’s something funny since idk if my priest is going agro or not, all I know is that it has a guard flag to anchor him and the squad to an area and when an enemy gets in then the AI is directing the priest to move nearer to the target of the squad\personal target. He does stand still every now and then but just briefly so he would heal\bless himself or the others around him. So… I still have to take care about him and have designated a new squad just with him.

Any of this still doesn’t solve the problem with that idiot engineer though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here! again…
My engineer goes to pick up loot, gets attacked and the game tells me nothing about that.

Screenie added:

It’s not just the engineer. If any non-combat unit gets attacked, there typically isn’t a notification. I had just lost my herbalist that way in a recent save.

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend using militia once you do have a few footmen. They don’t do much damage and are very squishy.

I do however, besides my standard defensive compliments, set one worker at a time as an extra footman. He trains up a few levels, gets demoted back to worker and a different worker gets rotated in. This way you do have a pool of trained footman you can recruit when things go badly. But generally, and I don’t know what difficulty you play at, I’ve found that a well rounded compliment handles most challenges. Although you do occasionally have to micromanage, hearthlings kick plenty of butt.

in that last screenshot the militia was checked off for my entire population.
for some reason when I activated the R alarm that bot decided to attack, then he cowered, then my Troopers got in range and then he went to attack again and have died.

I would hope that if a hearthling isn’t in the militia then he would run to safty as fast as possible and not attack enemies.

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