System Requirements / Windows 7 support

Hi guys,

When the fine people at radient started development, we we’re asked to download and run a small test program. I did this, however it would not run. I seem to remember it being a problem with being run on windows 7? (may be wrong on this).

I was about to purchase the alpha when I remember I had had this issue, and was just wondering whether it got resolved? and also what the system requirements for the game are.

Apologies if this has been answered previously, had a quick search but to no avail.

Thanks for any help, keep up the awesome work.

i run windows 7, and i run it fine in that respect, the only issue it had for me was it didnt like integrated graphics, so as long as you have a dedicated card for it you should be good

hey there @VinBeasle1… welcome aboard! :smile:

the only OS specific issue i recall was with XP… i’m currently on Win8, but i know there are a significant number of users who play on Win7 without any issue (other than the “standard” bugs we’re working through)…

keep in mind, the public release is coming up soon…

Awesome, thanks for the replies

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yep works fine on windows 7 :smile: