Worrying about compatibility

Hi, as a follow up of this bug report topic: [Confirmed] SGT2 Bug: Test shows only black screen

Does anyone know if the graphic test was a good indication about our graphic card compatibility. Since I can’t see a thing in the test, and the program is running fine apparently, I am worrying that my computer just will not be able to run the game…

If any official information was given about this, it would be appreciated to know.

thank you

So far no official information was revealed about supported graphic cards. However, the idea of the Graphics Test was to identify this kind of issues and to fix as many of them as possible. Some bugs have been fixed already between the two test, unfortunately not all yet. Let’s cross fingers that there will be as less as possible compatibility issues with the Alpha… and even less in the days following the release.


as @voxel_pirate mentioned, no official word on system requirements, supported cards, etc.

if you are not interested in trying a new card (its just money, right? :stuck_out_tongue:), the best thing to do is wait until the alpha is released, and if you are still experiencing the problem, followup with the existing bug report… team radiant will take it from there! :+1:

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I can only reiterate what has already been said, I know it’s not much use … but it’s reassuring to know we’ll all do what we can to sort things out :slight_smile:

The team have mentioned a few times how they want the game to be working on as many machines as they possibly can - obviously there are going to be some constraints to that depending upon age and power of hardware.

As @SteveAdamo and @voxel_pirate have both mentioned if the game unfortunately isn’t running correctly on your machine come the launch of Alpha 1 it’s hopefully just some optimisation issues that can be resolved going forward.

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Thanks a lot for your answers. I will wait for the alpha release then.
I am currently on a old laptop, thus I cannot really change my graphic card. But I am considering to buy a “cheap” ($500 is still a lot of money for a student) desktop computer in the near future. I might “require” it earlier than I initially planned =P

thank you again.


ah, right… that does make it a tad more difficult to work with… :wink:

if its any consolation, i find myself “requiring” a new desktop as well… but its been ages for me, so i think i’m due… :smile:

and who knows, when the alpha ships (or perhaps soon after with some additional optimizations in place), it may run just fine on your laptop! :+1:

Hey Clo! A lot of students don’t realize it, but many schools (and just about all colleges) have discount programs with big time PC companies. As you said, 500 is a lot for a student, and that means getting 100-200 off may be a big help. Just something to look in to :slight_smile:


Well, my rule of thumb usually is. Worry about the hardware before you get into software compatibility. What is this “Old laptop” packing when it comes to hardware? Here are some tips to find out on a windows PC.

  • Go to search and type in “Device Manager”. Click on the result and a list of expandable tabs should pop up in a small window. First find “Graphical Processor” (Or something like that, I actually forgot the exact wording). Click the arrow next to it, highlight the contents, and copy/paste them here. To find your CPU, just find the processor tab, expand it and do the same thing. If there are multiple processors, be sure to let us know how many there are.
  • The more commonly known way to look at your hardware, is to go to your start menu (THIS WON’T WORK ON W8), find the computer button. Right click on this and click properties. It will take you to a small window where you can see your computers rating, processor, RAM, and OS version. Be sure to give us this info as well.

Considering buying a desktop? Well, being that you are a student and all, I am sure you would love to save a bit of that cash, or get a better deal. So don’t buy it, build it. Building a desktop is very easy and will get a little bit of PC experience under your belt. Companies that sell prebuilt computers charge more for them than they are worth. If you buy a $500 desktop from your local Best Buy, odds are it won’t run battlefield 4, or possibly even StoneHearth. But if you build your new desktop, you can run most games on low-medium graphics settings while getting a good FPS (30-60+). If you need any help or are interested, just let me know. I just finished helping @SteveAdamo pick out the parts for his next build a few days ago, and have been itching for a new job.