Switching crop types renders unusable field

A field with multiple crop types in it will become essentially unusable.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a field and allow it to be planted with any crop (i used trees)
  2. switch the crop type to Fallow
  3. Wait for some of the crops to be harvested but not all.
  4. switch to any crop type besides crop type in 1 (i used corn/medicine/carrots)
  5. the first crop will never get harvested, the second crop will get harvested.

Expected Results:
normal crop rotations should occur and then be replaced with the new crop.

Actual Results:
Original crop remains indefinitely and those squares become unusable

A workaround is possible by just removing and replanting the field, but it went unnoticed for several days while I wondered why I was getting barely any usable fiber plants =)


Version Number and Mods in use:
Current version as of 2/3/2017

System Information:

I can’t seem to reproduce this on r701 using those steps, the farmer will harvest all the crops once they are fully grown. :confused:

Tagging as not_reproducible at the moment, if anyone notices this same behavior, feel free to bump the thread.