Supply Basket/Basin caujsing Hearlings not to harvest

Placing supply baskets cause Heartlings to not chop trees or harvest berries/flowers/plants anymore

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build and place a weaver’s supply basket
  2. Assign something to the basket
  3. Try to get a Heartlings to do harvestings

Expected Results:
Heartlings harvesting things.

Actual Results:
Heartlings never harvesting things

I first encountered this bug when I was in late game, and long had thought my city is too complex, to the point of causing mishap. Then I noticed that this can occur early in the game too, around the time when I first starts using baskets. I did one more playthrough without using any supply baskets, and I haven’t run into the bug ever since.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Beta 877
Tried having mods on and off, and the results are the same

System Information:
Windows 10

Additionally, when I try to empty the baskets to get rid of it, the Heartlings just take everything out inside, putting it on the floor next to the basket and picking it up again in an attempt to stock it. Attempts to remove/delete it does not work either.