Super music name finder

Can anyone tell me the name of the music that plays when the cactus sits on the sand on this video. please

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Isn’t that minecraft music?

Also this should be in the general category

no its not, it was added by sips.

Try Shazam! I think that’ll help you out a lot!

Jerk Link: LMGTFY

I heard that Song before. It’s not Minecraft.

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already found it 5 minutes after i made this post. thanks anyway.

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@RepeatPan is now Scripting Wizard / Super Music Name Finder!

Yes, it was very difficult to scroll down the comments section to find the appropriate question/answer. :speak_no_evil:

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It’s Minecraft but it’s the old one and only a small part of it don’t worry it is

You should be able to find the video in the video discription that it’s from then watch it or scroll to the part where you think he’s doing it and if he’s playing Minecraft then it’s Minecraft music also Minecraft music is one of the only ones that isn’t copyrighted