Looking for an old piece of music

Hey there, I first found Stonehearth back when it was in alpha 5 or 6 and I came across a wonderful piece of music that I cant seem to find anywhere on the internet. Could anyone help me out? Here is an example, It is the first song that plays in this video.

I found a more quiet video that gives a clear example of the music I am interested in finding.

hey there @Jigsawjohn, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if i’m not mistaken, that track is “Kingdom”,

The song I’m looking for is actually the one that plays right after Kingdom in the second video example.

It’s in-game music, I think asc_spring_day_2. Not all the tracks are on the internet, but if you have the game, you can find it in the files inside the stonehearth mod.


It’s compressed in smod format. How do I open that?

Rename to something.zip then unzip/extract it.

Got it. Thanks guys! Been looking for this piece for a while now.