Find this music's name!


what’s the name of the music playing on the background in this video please.


I wonder what’s next… Either “[Forum Game] Find x for sqrt(x^2 + ln(4^x)) = 12pi” or rather “[Forum Game] Who discovered penicillin?”, but dibs on “[GAME] Write an essay on woman suffering during the 22nd century (800-1200 words, due Tuesday)”.


WRONG pan is out of the game.


oh look, another forum game! quick, @Geoffers747… unleash the hounds!!

:dog2: :dog:


No @Newf is gone for a week or three.
(Cause he says he’s a dog(and his avatar))


so anybody know? i want to listen to this music.


so this is less of a game and more of a request?


Here’s your music:

I’ve also removed ‘game’ from the title as well, ya know.


Now my snarky comment is completely out of context. I demand justice!