Suggestions to make the game run better

Howdy yall.
Now I am new here and would like to say howdy first.
Anyway I have a few suggestions to the devs to make the game run smoother.
I am in game development myself. I been in it for many years now. (Self taught indi.) And I had to learn the
hard way about things. Now I know this engine uses voxels for the entities. And never using voxels myself
I am not sure if everything here can be done. But I am sure some of it can.

Anyway. First off I would like to say is this game is Awesome. And I love it. It is quite fun and I enjoy it alot.
But one thing I noticed. Is that the game slows down greatly. And what I noticed when it does it. And gets really choppy at times. Is when there is alot of objects on the ground. Like many tree pieces. Also when many items are on the storage areas too. That is placed down on the ground.

One 2 things I would like to suggest. The first being Hardware Instancing. For all the little map objects on the ground. Because I noticed that the game gets really choppy the more objects on the ground there is. That is more then likely because your not using Hardware Instancing? If you are then I applogise. But if not then you should be.

What hardware instancing does. It takes every single model that is the same and turns it into a single model. Which in turn will make the game run much better I am sure.

A 2nd thing I would like to suggest is a way to make the items on the ground become invisable maybe. Kind of like how you hide the outside walls of the houses. A way to make the objects on the ground too become invisable would also make the game run smoother cause they are not being rendered.

I have a fairly beefy system. 12 gigs of ram, and a Nvidia Gforce GT 640 with 4 gigs of ddr 5 and the game on my own system slows down to a crawl. And sometimes freezes up completely for several seconds at a time. And I noticed it gets worse the more stuff is on the ground. And I am betting it is because you don’t have hardware instanceing for all the little map objects on the ground. Cause when I sell them. The game runs better.

Another thing is lod. I noticed that it does not seem to be there? Lodding your map objects will help too.

And posibly culling.

Either way I hope this will help out some.
Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Hey there @AKNightHawk, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the suggestions. I do not know too much about the engine (it is self-developed) so I am going to ping some devs (@Albert and @not_owen_wilson) to see if they can confirm your thoughts on what is being used.

Thanks bro. Maybe they will be willing to answer me about that. I hope so. :slight_smile: Either way the game is awesome and I like it alot. There is alot of promise here for sure.

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