Suggestions for the visibility bar

By visibility bar I mean that UI bar with all the visibility buttons on it, like x-ray vision, layered vision for terrain, the future layered vision for buildings that chris promised, and since the A23u the appeal goggles. (u in A23u for unstable).

I have a few suggestions for this bar:

  • add a visibility option for foliage, making trees and other plants appear like their ghost versions. I’ve seen this suggested before, mainly so you can see fighters hearths when they fight under the canapy, but it’s also nice to be able to see under the canapies.
  • add a grid visibility option. This optio adds the grid you have when you mine or build. This one comes from @DevolantTwitch 's latest stream (00:38:25), and it seemed to me like this was just the thing for a visibility button.
  • group visibility buttons per subject of affect. That is, if you click on the house button, you’ll cycle through the front-walls-down and then the all-walls-down options. Do this for all categories:
    • Housing: front walls down --> all walls down --> floor layers
    • Earth: layers --> x-ray --> grid (possibly)
    • Foliage: Foliage
    • Goggles: Appeal goggles --> whatever else will be in store
    • Grid: Grid

The reason for the last suggestion is that the visibilty bar might fill up fast if you don’t do this, especially as more appeal-like visibility buttons will pop up as you add systems.