(Suggestion) First Person/Possession Mode

well from what i know thats going to be in StoneHearth 2 (or 3 cant remember…) @Tom has mentioned this before. the idea would be that you wander around and explore other peoples villages/city’s and StoneHearth 3 would be you make dungeons for them to explore. dont have all my facts straight though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’d say it’s possible, though hard. I’ve managed to get the camera to enter the hearthlings head and allow you to walk around. But there are lots of things still missing, like disabling the heartling’s AI, disabling the UI, and give the player the actions that corresponds to the hearthling that is possessed (like being able to harvest turnips if you’re in a Farmer).
There’s also some other things that’s needed to code into, so it’s hard and going to take lots of time, but not impossible. And when I get more time for it I’ll do my best to finish it, though that’s not soon-ish. :wink:

I remember that too @8BitCrab. I think he said something about it being done in some years from now though. Oh well, patience is a virtue, or so they say. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now this is interesting, I remember that Dungeon Keeper 2 also had this feature. Mayhaps I should add it to my todo-list for the mod!

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is it planned feature (even in the far future) that a player can possess a Hearthling of him to gaze at his creations (primaly dungeons! :smile:) in first person view?

If not it would be a suggesion of mine, cause I loved this feature in for example “Dungeon Keeper 2” and I would love to walk with a Hearthling through my fresh digged tunnel. :smile:

As said above I would love this feature but it don’t have to be implemented in the near future. It’s a nice to have feature but no game-breaker.

sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue: if you multiplay, you could receive commands from your partner :stuck_out_tongue: Since you are playing as a heartling, you can rebel and choose to ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I am thinking oculus rift now…

You mean like executive assault?

@LukSyLuks: I had to google “Executive Assault” but what I get from the steam videos I think it’s the same principle. You can switch into one unit of yours and control it in first person view.

Tom has said it before, in some random Q&A the answer is no. Trust me, you’re not the first person to have asked this question…

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@Sandwitch: Ah okay. What a bummer. But like I said no game-breaker, just a nice to have suggestion for a better look into the digged tunnels. :smile:

Cool idea, but I think Timber and Stone already has a class for that. Wouldn’t want to be a copycat! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“FerretBandit, post:29, topic:1681”]
Wouldn’t want to be a copycat!
[/quote]To be fair, it wouldn’t be a copycat. Just because one game has it doesn’t mean that all other games shoud be denied from having it! :smile:


It might be interesting to have a “Leader” character type. Of which, the player would setup as their basic avatar to the world itself. I imagine in some modes if the leader was killed the game would be considered over.

You could set them up like a crafter, whereby their workstation is a chair (That gets upgraded to ever increasing lavish thrones) and as they level up they offer bonuses to all your Hearthlings (Or maybe just whomever happens to be within a certain range - so you might want to send him out to battle to help turn the tides in your favour).

I read most of these replies but no one mentioned anything about 3rd party programs allowing you to do this. Is there such a program? :slight_smile: