Suggested tags for building templates

When you create a template, after naming it, you could put tags that represent the type of construction and could later be used as obetivos missions.

Example: You create a tower defense with the tags “tower” and “defense” so a campaign could ask you build him this tower and the finished, complete the mission.

This method could even be used to filter pre-made templates by Radiant team and other players.

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Though I like your idea, it’s kind of exploitable unless you add some way of defining minimum requirements for each structure, which might get too limiting.

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and it would be hard to code.

the idea is to have a way to categorize the templates so the game and later mods can use certan buildings as objectives

His basic idea (Adding tags to templates) is quite easy to code.

I like the idea, though it seems better to have predefined categories, maybe loaded in from a json.

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i like this idea,what if they did it kinda like the crafter workbench with different pre-made tags and categories…

just food for thought…