Suggested Improvements - Mined Dwellings + misc

I have hours into the game and I like the directions its going.

Here are some things I would like to see:

  1. Cave Dwellings - I like to build elaborate systems into the hill/mtn side. Like dwarves.
  2. Even if this is not a design thing, I think its relevant. This brings up the new “happiness” system. I put windows in my caves and still get the to crowded negative, I think this should be adjusted.
  3. Turning off abilities - I think we should be able to toggle on and off certain job abilities. For example, the trapper’s tame pet. I know this may have some usefulness later in the game, but I dislike it.
  4. Saved resources - There should be a way to make certain things, food, tools immune to being used.

Just my little contribution.


As for 3 - if you make a H with low SPIRIT stat a trapper he will not be able to tame many pets.
You can also “disband” any pets when they are selected.

I do that already, but because a trapper is the first thing I ever assign, I get to see damn pets for sooo long.

Understood. Some toggling could indeed be useful. Not only for trapper but also for footmen: for example, triggering “equip two-handed weapons” on/off.


Will see this come when the dwarves come into game

Will most likely get adjusted, the Happiness system is new to A20, need some balance

Will never see this happen, but making a hunter with Low H he wont make pet, but when prompted to be shepherd will affect him/her for gathering farm animals
Suggestion: Just make a hunter normally and get to Shepherd fast, then promote a new hunter with low H

This is a heavily asked for,
I would add to this. Another box or chest that holds those items would be great