Sudden game crash (scaffolting removal related?)

Well did have multiple game crashes today. I hope it is related to a build from someone else i was testing. Still very anoying cause it did not pop-up any errors. Will add schematic, logs and crash file. The schematic is buildable if add the end you help manualy by placing a ladder. When the top part is build, the game crashed the moment they start with scaffolting removal

crash.dmp (367.0 KB)
stonehearth.log (595.3 KB)
stone (44.9 KB)

I have similar behaviour, only the game hangs instead of crashing for a little before resuming and continuing. The time the game hangs is directly linked to the amount of scaffolding. the more scaffolding, the longer it lasts.

It seems to me that the calculations for scaffolding removal requires a whole lot of resources of the PC. Perhaps include the stats of your pc as well.

there is nothing wrong with my pc. The problem is de crash bug in stoneheart. Never had this issue before, not even with my giant toilet. Believe me that was a massive amount of scaffolting and no issue.