Stuck Hearthling

i have had 2 hearthlings so far that got themselves stuck, one was on a bush which was easy enough to fix but i currently have one that stuck sleeping it looks like. i THINK that it was created by the hearthling trying to use the bed then another jumping in and taking the spot. i attempted to move the beds to un stick the hearthling with no luck. changing it’s job just dumped the current tool on the ground without moving. sadly i think Autumn Oppen will die :frowning: additionaly i am unable to load ‘last save’ due to her being frozen since the last save


Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods; Release-663 (x64)
System Information:

For now, to avoid her death:
Press ctrl+c, it will open a black box where you can input text. Select your stuck hearthling, then type reset in that text field and press enter. The game will push her to a random spot nearby.

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i just tried reset a few times, she was still stuck in the ground so i just 'destroy’ed her so that i could get a functioning hearthling

you could have also tried ‘teleport’ command as well