Street blueprint place bug

I have a blueprint of a street designe which I want to place near a natural mountain wall.
Ontop of that wall I have build a defense wall, that no archer can shoot down.
When I want to place the street blueprint the blueprint will automatically move up to the defense wall, instead of staying down where I wanted to place it:

Here I want to place the street blueprint next to the wall

And when I click my mousebutton to place it, this happens

I have to move it four blocks away from the wall to prevent this from happening.

I had a error similar to that earlier today when I tried to place a template where I’d dug things out to make room for my castle wall. It hovered in mid air as if it were on top of something. Did you dig out that area next to the cliffside?

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Not were I wanted to place the street but before and behind it.

Hmm. I was thinking maybe the template wasn’t recognizing the change in terrain for some reason.