Storage Shelves not being stocked

OK, so the gist of it is this: I need more space than my workshop has, so I double stacked my shelves, but the top one doesn’t get stuff placed on it, despite them being able to put the shelf in from the ground.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get storage shelf.
  2. Put two on a wall, one above the other.
  3. Set them to have resources stored on them.

Expected Results:

Items should be stored on both shelves.

Actual Results:

They top shelf doesn’t have items stored on it.


Since I have too little space in my already cluttered workshop, I need to be able to double the amount of storage space a single wall has.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha 24 Stable
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Oh, is this from the stable version?
If I remember correctly, this was fixed in one of the recent unstable releases :thinking:

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So hopefully when A25 comes out it’ll work and I won’t have to cry as I tear down my workshop to enlargen it? =D

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