Stonehearth !science! Pledge

Those of you who have been to the dwarf fortress forums know what !science! is but for those of you who haven’t let me explain. In its simplest form it is a community expression of how to learn all the weird things that can happen in the game, how to make them happen, and if they are useful or not. Now admittedly over at DF this usually involves babies, weapon traps and magma, and while this isn’t possible here (damm you for not letting me commit infanticide in the name of fun) I propose that as a community we pledge to fund !science! and find all the crazy things we can do in this game.

Sign the pledge, or speak out against traps and !fun!.


I, @naturalnuke, pledge myself to help in the name of !science!. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I, Swift_Cube, pledge myself in researching and refining Stonehearth !science!. I will do the utmost to be dorfy and genocide inducing!

Check out this wonderful example of !science!, in which several demented Dwarf Fortress players attempt to find the best way to force-breed and then kill mermaids for their bones. It’s really worth a read!

I like this idea, but call it something other than “!science!” so it doesn’t seem like we’re copying their idea.

okay… let’s call it… !SCIENCES!.

My vote goes to this.

#- ~ !!TESTING!! ~ -

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(Walks into room)

And you condescend us for the map games?

(walks out of room shaking my head)

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ooo I love it, i can see it now,

“what you doing”
“im !testing! things in stonehearth”
“what are you testing”
“no im !testing!, and its a pit of trained foxes underneath a stockpile of 1 wood to lure out thief’s”

ITS BRILLIANT, so innocent, and yet it wont be.


So amazing, so glorious, so BRILLIANT!

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Cool, I’m in! I hereby pledge myself to the scientific research of Stonehearthian concepts, logic, and philosophy.

(After I get the game, that is)

Cool, someone else but me is online.

lol that’s funny!!! :wink:

What’s funny, @BloodW0lf? :slight_smile:

did a little testing, (no, not !testing!), didn’t know you could already mine stone.
turnips in the ground are smaller when picked.
and units will pick them straight from the ground when hungry.

i am on a lot and i just fond that funny that not too mine people get on apparently at them moment :wink:

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Here’s a good idea for something!

  1. Build enough 3x3 houses for all of your villagers to occupy.

  2. Make them build it inside the building.

  3. Don’t destroy the houses.

  4. See what happens to trapped villages inside tiny 3x3 buildings for several hours.

  5. ???

  6. Profit!

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“I’ll get right on it boss!”

Edit: it was hard to get them on the platform, but i figured out that if they sleep by the fire then i could just move the fire into a room, sad part is you cant raise walls around the fire.

I’m guessing that would be pretty hard, as Settlers like to build from outside the House.

Dicovers for future exploration,

  1. You can drop items off cliffs by setting a zone above the drop, I see great possibilities.
  2. You can build ledges off of cliffs, see 1.

Oh as for the left alone, left mine on a rooftop for over an hour of gameplay, nothing has happend.

I had actually seen this before. Some Goblins set their Stockpile over a Cliff, so they kept on stealing things without destroying them in an infinite loop.

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