Stonehearth realationships

I don’t really remember this being bought up too much except it has been mentioned that tom, tony, and the gang want some kind of system in place (if I remember correctly)

Does this mean we will have marriages? Or just families of brothers and sisters?

Does this mean that people won’t co operate together because a fight broke out over a loaf of bread in the dining hall?

Will we see romance blossom between our villagers?

Probably too Indepth but still

Btw if there is already a thread like this please quickly close

I thought the system would be after you have a certain amount of food you could click a girl and a guy and say “Make me a baby” and a baby would appear

@Rybilton Little is know about this topic so far… also because it seems like the dev team is not yet sure about what will be in the final game in this regards.

As far as I remember you are right, they would like to have some kind of relationships in the game. However, apart from that idle workers might interact with eachother, I do not recall any confirmed interaction :disappointed:.

Now that we know there will be some “quality time” for our workers during working- and sleeping-time, let’s hope we will see a more indepth social life.


@Newf from the little knowledge we do have, that is incorrect. I’m pretty confident they’ve been saying no babies. I’m not even sure if they want children. There was a thread that discussed a potential amusing modded alternative, but I’m pretty sure for now, no babies :baby:

I’m not just talking about parental realation a though.

I can’t help but giggle at the idea of a realation ship system that would mean people would be angry at each other

For example
The carpenter and the Mason don’t get on so well

So then I would build there workshops opposite each other

I can just imagine their lil voxel faces glaring at each other as the coustomers walk through the door if the opposing shop


aren’t there already threads that handled this topic?

Well anyways, i don’t think relationships will be that deep in the game. it would be more like they don’t know eachother all that well -> friends -> Lovers, don’t expect the AI to throw killer glares at eachother.


Nyrixa well that was direct xD

I guess this are the things which you can mod into the game, if you like this kind of details. My guess is that Radiant will be pretty busy with implementing the core features which have been mentioned so far (plus some stuff from the Kickstarter campaign) and that we will not see too many of such fancy things in vanilla Stonehearth.

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There have definitely been threads where discussions have emerged around relationships and such, but no actual relationship thread …

@voxel_pirate’s [thread for example details children and growth][1]. There are a few others I’m sure but can’t find them at the moment.

[1]: Thoughts on Children and Population Growth - #7 by Geoffers747[quote=“Rybilton, post:5, topic:3331”]
The carpenter and the Mason don’t get on so well

The issue comes with how deep this goes … I mean, if it gets to the point where gameplay is affected, be it their production levels decrease if are working near to each other, then I personally feel that it becomes an annoying system that you have to take into consideration when creating your settlement.


there will be some sort of relationships, but the extent is still up in the air (it would seem):

Regarding character relations, will there be kids?

“We want your settlers to have relationships: to fall in love, mourn each other when they die, etc. Kids are tough. We’re not sure how to model kids moving from infant through childhood to adulthood. Maybe we can do something simple like have an infant to pow instantly “levels up” to a little kid then bam later becomes a full grown adult. We’ll keep thinking about it.”


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