StoneHearth Plushies

so tom in this new stream made the comment of goblin plushies and ithink this should some way or form needs to be done


Even if we just discuss the concept, eventually someone with the knowhow will see this and decide to start doing something about it. So it’s not pointless, so much as just a discussion of “how would it work”/“what models would be used?”

Speaking of, Goblins, almost cuter than Cthulhu. Proof of Cthulhu’s Amazing Cuteness.

i’m sensing a new campaign… :smile:

and i’m partial to these two (as examples):


Minecraft creatures have been well adapted into the adorableness that is the plushy:

I’m sure Stonehearth stuff could be created in a similar manor.


ahh, yes! forget my references… something along the lines of the creeper would be brilliant! :smiley:

If only I knew how to sew… Perfect opportunity to start up a side business. Though it wasn’t my plan to make homemade plushies as a side job, its a prefect idea. :frowning:

Well theres an idea in the off chance that Radiant runs out of money, Sell plushy Goblins.

Dear god, I wish that would never happen.

The Running-Out-Of-Money part, not the Plushies. I wish the Plushes would be made.

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The merch man… We gotsta have the MERCH! Plushies, Action Figures, the whole lot!

I want a Stonehearth Pillow

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Just found that on google, very cheap and “quick” way to create a plush.

Epic How-To: Make a 3-D Plush Pattern from a 2-D Drawing (Starring Mitch from Neon Monster) | Lauren Venell

Greetings from Barcelona :wink:

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That makes me want to make plushies!!! IT MAKES IT LOOK SO SIMPLE!!!

I’d buy if someone made them :smiley:

Same here!!! @SirCamOfRon Your a cosplayer, So you must have some experience with felt, could you make the plushies?

I could try my hand at it, but I am rather occupied with my current build.

I have attempted plushies before, so I suppose that this isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility!


Just a suggestion, You are a free man and can do as you please

If I can get more than 10 people interested and would pay 10-20$ each + shipping then I would try it out. And if its ok with radiant I base them off there characters. Just reply and say your interested.

edit: Bump? Anyone? I am going to attemp to make one. I’ll post a pic and come Up with a price.


I would absolutely love to see a prototype!! :+1:

I’m thinking of using indiegogo campaigns to sell them. But the first prototype will be a bunny. Maybe a give away? Hehe. Pick a number between 1 and 100 and the closet gets the prototype. (Canadian and us addresses only for shipping purposes. Sorry @Geoffers747)

Anyone want a free plushie?