not appearing in search engine results

It appears that is not shown in any search engine results at the moment when you type in “stonehearth” or “”. I have tried these ones:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo

It seems does show up in the results.


Just tested this, and I can confirm this is true. The discourse, for me at least, showed up at the very bottom of the first page. The main site did not show up at all, within two pages for me at least. Not sure who to page to get this fixed, or if anyone could get it fixed.

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I believe this would have something to do with the robots.txt file (which allows search engines to crawl a particular website)…

paging @brad


Doesn’t seem to be the robots.txt file – there may have been an incorrect setting for the Wordpress theme that was interfering. We believe we’ve fixed this… so hopefully in a day or so the search results will be better.


This problem appears to not be fixed. As of right now, searching “Stonehearth” on Google gives:

  1. The Stonehearth Steam Game
  2. The Stonehearth Kickstarter
  3. The Stonehearth wiki
  4. A PCGamer article about Stonehearth
  5. Steam Greenlight page for Stonehearth
  6. Stonehearth twitch page
  7. Stoneharth Reddit
  8. Discourse (finally!)
  9. Radiant Entertainment’s main page
  10. A “Let’s Play” video of Stonehearth (Alpha 5)
  11. Stonehearth Trello board
  12. First entry not related to the game
  13. Stonehearth Facebook

The official site ( never showed up (I only looked at the top 25), and the official discourse was #8, and the official Facebook wasn’t until #16.

We just reset the troublesome setting this morning… and Google says it can take 1-3 days for search results to normalize when changes are made. So we’ll have to see.


For some reason, I read the “5h” on your previous post as “5d”. My bad. :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing it show up.

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Just checked it again, is the top search result when searching for Stonehearth. Way to go @brad!


Stonehearth Facebook?
New type of facebook, for the Hearthlings to go on i guess. :computer: