Stonehearth Mod List

Well this is a blast from the past. I was thinking about old communities and decided to hop back online, and this is still active! I thought it would have been replaced, but it seems the @moderators have been keeping it up to date and all that.

I have a lot to catch up on.


Welcome back @Alfie!

Well, we can’t really take the credit for keeping this topic up-to date…@demonsage mentioned it was outdated, and after some discussion we made the post a “wiki”, so everyone can edit it. Multiple users (like @Wiese2007, @The_M, and @BrunoSupremo helped update it.


@Wiese2007, looks like we finally got the fix for wiki post edit notifications! Not sure if the fix is deployed to Stonehearth yet, but there it is:


Better Stockpiles

This mod add new item filters for the stockpiles.

State: Completed
Author: @Shinsaka
Mod Version: 0.16.3
Game Version: Alpha 16


@Shinsaka, awesome looking mod! Feel free to add it to the first post, it is a wiki-post so you should be able to edit it.


Oh okay, thanks @jomaxro :slight_smile:


[MOD] Transmute mod

its a mod that gives some work to your Herbalist and transmute resources into others, you need the workbench to use it (example 10 Wood into 5 Stone or 10 Stone into 5 Cooper), that way you can get those rare resources faster but not super fast, if you want to get your resources just this way you will need a looooooooot of Wood (or clay, cause i take care of the desert too)

State: Complete
Author: @Alaswing
Mod Version: 1
Game Version: any



Hey there @Alaswing, feel free to add your mod description to the first post, it is a wiki-post so everyone has edit permissions!

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Not sure If i can suggest mods to be added to this? but if so is it possible to get the poyo coop added as i LOVE that mod lol.

I am also looking for the mod with terrain colour flooring and I cant find it. I think it should be on this list as I loved that mod too lol.

Easy Mode

Put the Mod Description here.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @Squishalot
Mod Version: 0.1.0
Game Version: Alpha 17

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Unit Frame Activity Mod

Unit Frame Activity Mod adds the current activity for the selected unit to the Unit Frame seen in bottom left corner of the Stonehearth UI.

State: Complete
Author: @illdred
Mod Version: v1.0
Game Version: Alpha 18


#Assassin Class Mod
Assassin Class Mod adds a new combat class to the game, the Assassin, the Assassin is an upgraded version of Footman and fulfills the role of DPS/archer killer. The assassin dual wields scimitars and has 6 skills/buffs learned upon leveling up.

**State:**Working, but more will be added later
Author: @Aviex
Mod Version: v1.0
Game Version: Alpha 18


Anórien Biome

Here, the gleaming colors of autumn linger, and thrive in the sunlight…

Anórien is a biome landscape with sparsely raised mountains
that topples over the rest of the terrain.

State: Complete
Author: @Vargbane
Mod Version: v0.03.0 (Build. 3.47)
Game Version: Alpha 18

View more info here

#Stonehearth Expanded

Stonehearth Expanded seeks to extend the features that Stonehearth provides in all aspects. Currently adding Impaled Heads of many kinds (from Zombies to the Necromancer) - with some head types feauturing random variation, more Stone furniture, and a new class - the Mage.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @GreatColtini
Mod Version: v0.13
Game Version: Alpha 19

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github link : GitHub - nxor/microworld: Microworld Stonehearth Mod


Peg Planning Mod

Plan your city in advance

This mod adds (currently) nine items into the game, small, medium and large pegs, of a stone, wooden and clay variety. With these pegs, you can stake out an area where you want to build a building in the future, so you can plan a city/building in advance.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @nikosthefan
Mod Version: 2.1
Game Version: What version is it compatible with? A21 (don’t know about A22 or A20–)

is it able for alpha 22 if so were can i download it

Can anyone make a co-op mode kind of thing ???
Or have a ally ?

Descendants of Númenor

The people of Minas Tirith, the White City of Gondor are descendants of the Númenórean folk.

Here I will add various creations, mostly aiming to fit the atmosphere of Minas Tirith and it’s people.
Inspired by Art, Movies, Books and my own imagination of course (=

I hope you like it! ^^

State: Work in Progress
Author: @Vargbane
Mod Version: A22v0.02.2 and A23v0.01.2
Game Version: Alpha 22 and 23

LINK TO MOD: Descendants of Númenor


posted mine at the end of the list :wink: