StoneHearth members and developers

Hello, if you see this message maybe you think what is this.
The answer is that we (me and my cousin) are searching for playing this game multiplayer but we dont have money so buy it because corona virus and our parents dont want to give us mone to buy the game we want but they dont want if you know what I mean. We’ve downloaded the game from a non steam site but we can’t play online because is non steam if you know what i mean. After long searches we got beat up. We cant play this game on our pc’s cuz is low end pc and after day 5 the game freeze and we cant load the save.So we managed to get Geforce Now accounts and play games but we dont own stonehearth to play this game as a fact we really wantto play this game so so much. And what I want to question you the comunity and the developers if you can help us with 2 codes for me and my cousin.
Thank you.

Reduce graphic in game, then go to pc setting (if you use windows) and go to battery and then turn on option for better perfomance. Aside, it isnt best to download steam games outside steam, there are millions of scams like MINECRAFT FREE and then you suddenly have malware in your pc

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I mean, this is pretty much piracy and not supported in any shape or form.

… not that there would still be a lot of support for this game, anyway.

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