Stonehearth ideas for qubicle

Hey if you have any simple ideas, that i could use on Qubicle 2.5 trial edition for some concept arts. I can’t do any animation to them because i don’t have the software for it. But if you have any ideas could you please send them to me through msg’s or in the topic.

Thx F1ip3rS-D

here is a ton of ideas, have at it :relieved:

These are some amazing ideas.
You can also post your own creations on here if you want.

I have an amazing idea for the well, it can be a
beginning template only requiring 4 stone and 2 wood.

This is the basis for the well template.
I will elaborate more on it once i have the time.

man thats some quick work :open_mouth:

hmm I didn’t think about them needing stairs to access things with their little arms, but it gives me more ideas…

you should think about different styles as well ( do a quick google search for inspiration)
like a well big enough to have a few stairs on the inside to walk down to the water level
or a simple roundish well with a stick and a bucket
or like a public drinking fountain, for higher techs
water pump - slightly lower tech
this could even morph into a walk in fountain with gold scattered about at the bottom

so many things to make :smile:

Yeh i work fast when i have/get inspired with a good idea,
Thoes could be some awesome parts to add to the well like steps that go down into the well.
That is a 5x10x7 voxel concept art
and now i’m doing a 25x50x35 voxel with more detail.

So far so good.

I think its done but it could it could have some more stuff done to it.


The finished concept art!!!


Hey i’ve had an idea for marine life like dolphins and fish. Then bringing in a use for water and also bringing in Scubas and Fishermen.

I only suggested the things I did because you said you didn’t want to worry about animations etc. the game needs a bunch more decorative things imo, before getting to complicated stuff

yeah sorry i think i explained it wrong because i was thinking of doing still shots :blush: sorry.

If y’all need any help putting any of your creations in the game, let me know.

Oh cool thx man that would be awesome!:smiley:

like your well, although i think that with most of the detail on 1 side you would be needing to place it against something. Not that i did any better :slight_smile: , Thought to myself hey lets do that to. Not sure why i made it like this but it looks nice even though notting close to a well hahahha

Second attemt allot better, Any tips?


i love the idea of having a handle on the side but it a small thing but if you make a semi-circle as a handle for the bucket. just so the hearthlings can grab something.

someone please make a giant walk in well that would require you to digg down to water level and has stairs going to to that level
^ notice the stairs under the water


Hey man that is an awesome idea. that could be sick! If the StoneHearth team make it so you need to have farms near the water or make irrigation ducts, it could be a reason to make you chose to start your town at the water level, and not have as many ores, or to have more ores and less farmed food.

right I am eventually hoping for the devs to make or a mod to create basically underground water veins or lakes- similar to finding a huge pile of ores- and you could build something like this (assuming the building AI worked well enough).

A cistern, or silo, would be very different and a lot more complicated as it relies on specific water simulation. I talk about it a little bit in one of those thread linked above…

Here is a picture of an ancient cistern discovered that is the size of two football fields so that the city was able to survive a lengthy seige.
Apparently there is a documentary on the subject if you are interested here it is