Stockpile 'Zone' filters; Clay has multiple classification dependencies

Latest 537 - Stockpile ‘Zone’ filters; Clay has multiple classification dependencies

When attempting to filter out Clay from a stockpile zone, due to the clay having multiple classifications, users are unable to simply click the clay option to deselect clay and filter it out of the stockpile zone.

Deselecting the Clay option AS WELL AS the ‘Materials made of earth’ option results in Clay being removed from the stockpile zone.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Latest Release 537
  2. Set up Stockpile zone, selecting ALL in filtering options
  3. Mine for Clay
  4. Observe Hearthlings place Clay into the stockpile zone
  5. Select the ‘Designated Zones’ option
  6. Bring up Filtering option by selecting the stockpile zone
  7. Deselect ONLY the Clay option and select the checkmark option
  8. Observe stockpile does not force the Clay ‘out’ of the stockpile
  9. Bringing up the Filtering option again via the ‘Designated Zones’ option, Deselect the ‘Materials made of earth’
  10. Observe that now the Clay has been forced ‘out’
  11. Bring the filtering options for the Stockpile zone back up and now Deselect BOTH the ‘Clay’ and ‘Materials made of earth’ options
  12. Observe Clay blocks are now filtered out of the stockpile zone

Expected Results:
Clay brick does not use multiple classifications, allowing the intended filtering of the Stockpile zone

Actual Results:
Users attempting to filter Clay bricks out of their Stockpile zone are unable to do so without deselecting multiple options, in turn forcing and entire additional category to be forced out of the stockpile zone in order to remove the Clay bricks

You will see with the attached pics there is another filtering issue, this one dealing with hay bales, Deselecting JUST Clay results in Hay Bales being forced out of the Stockpile zone


You can see the Clay “block” here, in front.

Selecting Designated Zone -> Stockpile in order to bring up Filtering options.

Removing the ‘Clay’ option from the Allowed filtering list

Removing Clay from the ‘allowed’ filtering list results in the above mentioned, 2nd issue, where hay bales are obviously classified as Clay and are therefore forced out of the Stockpile zone.

You can see here I have re-selected Clay but am now removing 'Materials made of earth" in order to verify dependencies

Notice with just “Materials made of earth” removed that there is no change in the clay bricks as far as being filtered in or out.

Without BOTH the ‘Clay’ and ‘Materials made of earth’ options de-selected, the user will be unable to filter out Clay blocks from their stockpile zones.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Release - 537 / None

System Information:


If you want a bug on the Hay Bales, let me know.

No need for a separate report, paging @yshan

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