Stockpile & Farm patrols

Howdy, first post here but ill make it simple.

With the introduction of the northrend alliance, i have enjoyed not having to rely on farmers for crops and not had to use any stockpiles for items, this meant that my army dudes who had the “job” tab checked, would not be stuck circling these areas and instead pitch in with the hauling while also engaging in combat with enemies, namely wild animals for hunting.

This worked pretty great for the most part, but now it got iffy.

You see, i wanna make a stockpile for pets to eat from, but the moment i make a stockpile, guess which lump of archers will suddenly start patrolling it and consequently stop hauling goodies.

Any chance of this behavior getting changed or modifiable before 1.0 ships officially?

A workaround is that you can toggle their Job activity off for when you want to have them focus on hauling, and then toggle it back on when you want them to fight. My mod makes this a bit easier, because you can do it from the unit frame, including for a party as a whole: [Mod] UnitFramePlus v1.2

or you use my patrolmod ^^ then they will only patrol the patrol points - all other entities are disabled ^^


The one mod I could not do without! Thanks.

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Thanks for the responses buds, but it doesn’t exactly do what i desire.

One of the big appeals was not relying on the farms for crops and ofc, don’t need stockpiles either - however, i do want my archers to hunt whenever they happen to spot something to hunt - they sadly won’t do that automatically without having the Job activity checked.

Which was my conundrum - i wanted them to hunt automatically while also hauling automatically while there was a stockpile with food for my animals located within my settlement.


I misunderstood completely how your patrol mod worked @Wiese2007 - i thought it simply replaced the patrol path once the patrol banners were placed rather than completely overwriting the current stockpile and farm patrols - thanks a lot friend, i had looked at it earlier, but pea-brain did not realise it blocked out the farm patrol and stockpile patrols from simply being activated as a mod.

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This is an interesting issue because the patrols force you to put the stockpiles out in the open in harms way, where as I’d normally keep them at the back of the camp so as not to lure danger…but the patrols are useless at the back of the camp…so it’s really forcing you to behave in a way you might not normally.

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