Army patrol area

Can you make it so by default my army will patrol my whole town not just my farm aria, please?
and also being able to add a custom area for my army to patrol not just a box. being able to mark all the areas I want my army to patrol

its not default but you can use my patrol points until its solved ^^

the only problem is that it doesn’t work in the latest release

? what exactly? just used it yesterday?

or maybe it is working. when I first placed them down nothing was happening my army was still wondering around my farm aria. but then 30 minutes later I noticed its working now. perhaps it is just kinda buggy.

I am currently running R-663 and it sometimes works

hmmmm load save game without in at the start? then this could be possible - because it doesnt load all infos directly at the start - only at new entities ^^ so best start with installed mod xD then they will never patrol without the banners xD