Steam version instantly crashes with no pop up

so i recently purchased the game and installed it but i wont play i click play and the icon on my start menu and it shows it is loading with the mouse changing with the hourglass but goes away after 2-3 seconds… i’m running 32-bit intel core 2 duo processor windows 8.1 4.00 gb ram 2.99 usable??? help me plz i really wanna play this amazing game!!!

well… although there are no official minimum system requirements (yet) your computer seems to be at the lower end performance wise

do you have a graphic card?
there could be several possible problems with your system
it could be

  • Win8.1
  • not enough RAM
  • insufficent graphic card/chip
  • all of the above
  • none of the above

have you tried starting the game without steam? directly from the games directory

first off i have tried without steam and the same happens… my graphics card is intel 965 express chipset family… hope that helps :smiley:

well it helps to say that you might have a RAM problem as this graphic chip has no dedicated memory and is using your RAM instead leaving you with even less to play the game :confused:

okay… so is there anything i can do now?

on the short run?
this graphic chip barely supports OpenGL 2.0 which is the bare minimum for this game
however you don’t get the OpenGL driver when you use Windows Update by default so I’d suggest you go to the Intel downloadcenter and manually try to install OpenGL drivers

judging from your system specs this is a laptop so upgrading your RAM won’t be easy at all and it’s not even safe to say that it will solve your problem as it is only one possible cause for it

i’ll see with the openGL drivers but the download center thing doesn’t like my laptop and says (normally when i open the software ) it doesn’t meet the requirements…

hey there @tom_potter welcome to the discourse. :smile:

i dont really have anything to add to what @FX5 said, at least not for now.

i beg to differ, Some Technical Stuff – Stonehearth :wink:

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[quote=“8BitCrab, post:8, topic:15086, full:true”]i beg to differ, Some Technical Stuff – Stonehearth :wink:

thanks @8BitCrab I remember that I read that page but couldn’t find it again^^
and I just saw that the steam page of Stonehearth also lists minimum and recommended requirements

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i’ve looked on the intel thingy and nothing works… no drivers that work and the auto update thung (i know its glitchy doesn’t work and says my drivers are ever up to date or out of date which i guessed…

just another check of your hardware… what CPU is it exactly?

where can i check that???

ah and I almost predicted you are going to ask that (no offense)

you need to run dxdiag… in two possible ways

hit “run” on your start menu button and type “dxdiag”
or press [windows key]+[R] and type “dxdiag”

and on the following screen you can see more information about your system
it looks a lot like this

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i see this it seems the same with oviusly things slightly diffrent

so… what’s the name of your CPU?

oh sorry…
its intel core 2 duo?

great… how much GHz has it?

1.80… yer i just realized its under the minimum but this hasn’t been the problem with other games…


well I won’t bet on it but I think your system is slightly underpowered for this game
especially the graphic chip which is 3 years older than the minimum required graphic chip Intel HD 3000


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hmmmm… well…
what now…