Steam Unstable: Develop-2797

[quote] Good morning! Last night Linda, Yang and Chris fixed a bunch of
bugs. Here’s a new build for you all with the following changes:

  • Farmers will now harvest again after a load
  • Buying items from a store no longer crashes the UI
  • Fixed bug where Rayya’s Children wear Ascendancy outfits
  • Tweak iLevel on giant bone axes
  • Show count of citizens and party members on start menu
  • Allow layers in hearthling clothing, allow each layer to reveal the layers underneath.
  • Adjust human bodies so toes don’t poke through boots
  • Fixed weapon_data nil error
  • Show notification when monster enters combat with hearthling
  • Fix issues where goblin chief is not accepting tribute
  • Players can no longer move the goblin firepit

Could we get a chance for the firepit to at least drop a version of it that we can place? I kind of like the green fire and enjoyed decorating a “warning area” with the firepit and goblin honor tokens.


Wow wasn’t expecting an update this fast, Thank you TR, my farmers have now returned to farming, You guys work so hard, Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this epic game! :slightly_smiling:


For Translators:

  • “random_encounter”: {
    “combat_bulletin”: {
    “title”: “A hearthling is under attack!”
    }, -> added

Thanks so much for all your hard work on this Radiant! :slight_smile:

This is great! I would love to see a total tally of citizens and days passed for your community somewhere in the ‘therapist’ UI too.


its also shows now the count on the citizenicon xD

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I am somehow totally missing where the total citizens is displayed, I’ll pay attention better next time I play later tonight or tomorrow! A day counter would be fun too.

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on the citizens tab,


Oh! That’s new, right? I can’t have possibly missed that little yellow number all this time playing over the past weekend, or can I? scatterbrain


yep, its brand new and shiny! super handy also!

just realized i showed you that, but not the one on the sartscreen,

green is normal workers (and a few oddball classes), anvil is crafters, and blue is military


Yes I had finally figured out these numbers. I originally thought they were rating numbers for happiness / security etc. but was overthinking it haha. I like the new shiny number tally ingame though, very helpful!


Will helmets be making a comeback?


Yes they will! For those curious, check out @Tom’s Tuesday night stream (will add link when stream is over).

Edit: Twitch link: Twitch

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