Steam Stable Updated to release-707

Hey everyone, quick update to let you know that all Steam branches, including the Stable branch, have been updated to release_707, which gets you:

  • One new trait: hothead. This hearthling is braver in combat than most, and perhaps more than they ought to be…
  • Fixed bug where bald males had no hair customization option
  • Fixed bug where traits sometimes don’t refresh properly in the customization screen
  • Fixed bug where we crash to desktop on returning to main menu from customization/loadout screens
  • Fix portrait flickering and some other UI issues on the customize your party screen
  • Fix Rayya’s Children tattoo hair style not updating skin color
  • Fix infrequent bug that caused some players to start with 20 citizens
  • Fix bug that sometimes prevents Clerics from healing when being promoted

I did not really suffer any of the bugs, but thanks for the bug fixes. :+1:

This could be an interesting “feature”.

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