Steam Greenlight Updates?


So, the Steam Greenlight page isn’t updated often and it could be a good idea to keep it more updated to have people viewing the Steam Greenlight page interested. Also, I would be curious as to what the ranking of Stonehearth is on Greenlight as only the devs can see the ranking of their game. Is there something that I have missed where they have said something about their ranking? If not, I’d love to know what their ranking is!


i too would be very curious to see their ranking… last we heard they were “doing well”… :slight_smile:

for those playing the homegame, here’s the steam page for SH…


I don’t think I should admit this, but I hadn’t voted for it until today :’(.

I’m sorry! I’ll leave.


@SteveAdamo yeah, but doing well is vauge, there are specific stats like #1 of #100 or whatever. I’d hope they are doing that well XD

@Geoffers747 Haha I procrastinated with my vote too. I had kickstarted before I had even voted up.


tsk tsk… for shame @Geoffers747… for shame…

@KingFish … good point… i wasnt aware of some of the greenlight requirements

How are games ranked on Steam Greenlight? How do I know how well my
game is doing?

Games are ranked by the number of up-votes from the
community. Once your game is submitted, you will see data on how your
game is performing relative to other games in Steam Greenlight.

How many votes does a game need to get selected?

The specific number
of votes doesn’t matter as much as relative interest in a game
compared with other games in Steam Greenlight—we need customers to
help us prioritize which games they want to see made available on

We’re going to be reaching out to developers as we see their games
getting traction regardless of whether they have achieved a specific
number of votes or are sitting 1st or 2nd place at any given time. We
are most interested in finding the games that people want, not
requiring them to hit a specific number of votes.


I cast my vote back in the KS days ;). Bring the game to Steam. Auto Updates, track hours playing the game, know when your friends are playing…its win win, no reason to not be on Steam :wink:


as long as this is not openly revealed (read, as long as my wife is not aware of the totals), then sure… this seems like a reasonably good idea… :wink:

but yes, those are compelling reasons to have the game on steam… first and foremost though, it makes for a good distribution platform, yes?


@SteveAdamo I would say most defiantly Steam is a good distribution platform, but I assume that was a rhetorical question ;).

My Wife and I are both anxiously awaiting this game to come out. I am sure once beta comes out and my Steam friends keep seeing me log in and out of the game, that will defiantly draw more attention to it :wink:


and why the pseudo-marketing side of my brain didnt pick up on that, is beyond me… that really is a brilliant strategy… seeing the popup alert that “Steve is now playing Stonehearth” would definitely drive more folks to check out the games their peers are playing… :smiley:


I’ve already psyched out a few of my Steam pals since I added a ‘game’ to Steam and called it “Stonehearth”. So, whenever I launch that program via Steam, it shows up in my friends list as ‘xxx is now playing Stonehearth’ and shows up in the friends list as ‘xxx / In non-Steam game / Stonehearth’. Good times!


Perhaps this is a question for the Livestream on Thursday. Maybe the reason they don’t give out stats is some sort of agreement with Steam? I believe a game needs to make it into the top 20 or so to be flagged for that Greenlight Round. Greenlight is still fairly new so it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t have much information for us. The Greenlight page was only started about a month and a half ago, so plenty of time before beta and final release. I’m curious as to whether they would be able to be a part of Steam Early Access. I think the criteria is different for Early Access than it is for Greenlight. I don’t see anything in the Greenlight Agreement that would stop them from updating us, but I’m no lawyer. xD


I have seen stats given out by other developers on Greenlight. Its a thing only viewable by the owner/developer. Its purely choice of the dev to give us the information. @Crobo In the FAQ or whatever for Greenlight it is said that choosing to greenlight something isn’t based solely on ranking though.


in one of my earlier posts :point_up:, you’ll find the link to the FAQ as well as the pertinent information presented in a pleasing block quote format… and i admit i know next to nothing about how the process works (steam is a big black box to me), but it does seem like its just community votes, no?


@SteveAdamo Valve being the shrewd businessmen they are I’m sure the way they count the votes are more based on statistical analysis than raw data. They probably pit the number of votes vs time to see whether the demand will hold and pit it against games of its genre to see what will sell. They’re a good company but they certainly do love making their money.


very true… well, there’s no escaping capitalism, is there… :chart_with_upwards_trend:


We could all move to Aristotska but I hear the immigration office is killer. :wink:


[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:15, topic:1394”]
very true… well, there’s no escaping capitalism, is there… :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Haha nope, you cannot ever escape. But, I believe what @Crobo said sounds like a very possible answer. A votes over time sounds like the most logical answer to Greenlight’s picking system.


Well, looks like Stonehearth has been greenlit now so this topic is obsolete.


it is indeed… thanks @KingFish! :smiley:


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