Steam "Backup and Restore Games" feature litterally only backs up game files

The Backup and Restore Games feature in Steam does not save mods, saves, or templates.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Freak out cause your hard drive sounds like it is about to divide by zero
  2. Click the “Backup and Restore Games” feature in Steam
  3. Replace old HD with a nice new SSD
  4. Restore the games via the “Backup and Restore Games” feature in Steam
  5. Try not to hit your mouth on the desk when you realize the mods, saves, and templates are no longer there.

Expected Results:
Possibly not mods but saves and templates should be added to this “feature” as it worked with the vast majority of my other games.

Actual Results:
See “Steps to reproduce” #5

Lesson learned. Glad I am at least partially paranoid and backed up my mods directory.

None worthy of posting.

Version Number and Mods in use:
…ooohh probably almost all of them? See discourse and search on current mods :wink:

System Information:
Probably irrelevant but a hot new 2nd SSD!

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yeah I recently learned this the hard way and lost all my old templates. good thing I hadn’t started on all the big projects before now tho.

seems odd tho. how exactly is a backup like this even useful? :sweat:

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I’m hoping it is just accidental oversight and hope that the user data is saved in the future.