Status feedback for stalled units

I think we can all agree on this. Let the greyed out items drop to the bottom of the list until mats become available.

And again, since the search radius seems to be a big issue, I’d limit it (for now) to just stockpiles. This would let the devs implement this suggestion without having to worry about the town folk searching the entire world for supplies.

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Mean Bed = Check
Bolt of Cloth = Nope

This suggestion aims to make crafting easier by showing you what items you have and whether you can craft the item or not. If you have the item the text is green and if you don’t have the item it is red.

It would look better if there was a check and a cross mark, but the font I’m using doesn’t have that. :laughing:

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I like your concept, it fits with the style of the daily update. :smile:

It should also update when you add items to the crafting queue, so you don’t add more than you can really craft. I guess it would be good if it told how many items can you craft, too, for when you use “craft X right now”.

These concerns have been discussed plenty before…


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I definitely agree that greying items out would be hugely beneficial, but, and can someone correct me here, isn’t the crafting system such that if you don’t have enough materials you can queue it up and your hearthlings will go out and collect that stuff, which in some ways might render the whole greying out a bit pointless?

There is quite possibly a real chance that I have made that up though.

No problem, I would imagine this will be coming to the game in the way anyway, it was just a reminder :smiley:

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They can’t collect it if someone hasn’t mined or chopped it first (and I’d prefer my blacksmith didn’t go off mining for a half hour until they found some iron and coal). So, dropping it to the bottom of the list would be beneficial.

Also, let’s say you queued up something that you had mats for, but half way through crafting, the weaver grabbed something the blacksmith needed ( for example). Dropping that item to the bottom of the list would let them continue crafting other items until supplies became available.

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I think there are two things that need to be fixed for this.

First, a crafter probably only needs to start a project when he has all the materials available. As it stands right now, they will grab the stuff and dump it on the workbench, then wander around until the last part is available. This, I assume, occupies the workbench, making it so nothing else can be done. This probably needs to be changed. I say probably, cause there could be a good reason for doing it the way we are now, but I just cant think of it.

Second, crafters need to check the job list intelligently. The weaver is easily the best example of this, because he is the most expensive guy resource wise right now, and any problems with the way crafters work are readily apparent when it comes to him. So, the best way to ‘automate’ the weaver is to set him up a series of maintain orders. Start with 10 or 13 spools of thread, then three rolls of cloth, then three leather rolls, then whatever final good you want. With the way the job system works right now, the weaver will:

Craft 13 thread
Craft a Bolt of cloth
Craft 3 thread
Craft Bolt of cloth
Craft 3 thread
Craft Bolt of cloth

Craft worker uniform
Craft 1 Thread
Craft Bolt of cloth

This basically automates him. I usually do a high amount of thread, because it gets used in several other recipes as well, but you could do with just 4 as well. The issues crop up when there is a shortage of supplies. If I dont have enough to make a thread, the weaver will get stuck on that job, even though I have excess in stockpile for him to do the next job. He doesnt skip to the next task, just gets stuck on the current one. This process will get extremely frustrating later on, when you are making things that require bits from several different sources. If a job cant be completed, the crafter needs to check for the next one in the list, do that, then check if the original job can be done now. It doesnt make sense in the current implementation.

EDIT: Even worse, if the weaver starts making cloth, but someone else uses one of his threads and he has none left, he will just herp derp and stand around.

Exactly. I brought this point up as well. Crafters simple need to move on if they hit a resource issue.

Been playing for a few hours on the alpha 9 build.

So far I am really loving this game. The style, structure, everything.

One thing I would like to see is when I click on a workshop, somewhere in that panel it lists the supplies you currently have. I know (and often do) click on the flag and then check inventory prior to build orders – but its get cumbersome.

It would be fantastic if it could display (even just in a text format) what supplies were relevant. Each workshop displaying its own supply list, if you will.

What would also be cool – is when you mouse (or click) over an item to be made (lets assume in the workers outfit from the weaver) it also highlights the supplies needed. Indicating Green if you have, Red if you dont. It gives the user a quick glance at what he has and what he needs to harvest/craft to get the specific item.

I hope that makes sense … been up way too long with cranky/sick kids.

Love this game so far! Thank you …


firstly, Welcome to the discourse :smile:

secondly there is already a thread on this topic, will find it later when i get the time. :blush:

edit: found it :smile:

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