Starving Hearthlings Glitch

I was trying to redo the chef’s house, so the chef’s workstations got all undeployed - causing there to be no cooked food, and a bunch of the hearthlings started to starve themselves by refusing to eat anything that was there.

As a result my cleric has been panicking, trying to heal everyone that’s starving, and the combat party WILL NOT EAT. There is cooked food now, and the other hearthlings have all sat down to a good meal and stopped starving. Except the combat party. They simply run back and forth between the food and the cleric while the cleric heals them constantly. At least they aren’t dying, but they refuse to do anything else.

The only way I’ve gotten them to stop this nonsense is by forcing them all to quit their jobs. The ENTIRE combat party. But even when I uncheck the cleric, she still stands around healing until everyone else finally sits down to eat.

Steps to repeat: Have a combat party consisting of at least 1 cleric and 1 fighter. Have the hearthlings used to having a chef for a while, then take away the chef’s tools so that there’s no cooked food and a bunch of them start starving. Even after replacing the chef’s workstations and having cooked food, the combat party will refuse to eat or do anything. Even after turning off their responsibilities in the menu, the cleric will continue to starve and heal until everything is done starving, including the sheep.

It sounds a lot like this:

They do it for me regardless of hauling on or off. I have to turn off both hauling AND job for the soldiers to find food, otherwise they just chase the cleric.

The Cleric seems to be the problem here, as they actively run between the cleric and the food. They even go so far as to pick up food, then drop it and run back to the cleric.

It’s happening again, but this time it’s because the shepherd won’t prioritize feeding the animals. So the chickens are starving, the shepherd is off goofing around, and the cleric and battle party are just running back and forth starving in the pasture.

There is actually poyo feed RIGHT next to them, but the shepherd is just… idk what they’re even doing? I turned off hauling. They went and sheared the sheep and then dawdled off somewhere. I can’t even just kill the chickens. Because they’re starving. :forlorn:

Ended up deleting the pasture and having to find new chickens. I think the problem is that everyone runs to the cleric when they’re healing. Which, is a neat feature - unless they’re all starving. Food should be a higher priority than healing.

Have you tried turning the Clerics job off so they no longer heal? Barring that demote them until everyone has eaten and then promote once the coast is clear. I know it’s a pain, just tryin’ to help ya figure out a way around it until there’s a more permanent solution.

I actually encountered the same problem but it extended to my complete 25 population. Then my village suffered an attack and since the cleric wasn’t there anymore, they all died, including the defence party because the cleric is SLOW…
I don’t really know what to change to make it work.

I turned off the Cleric’s job and they just continued to do it anyways. I had to wait until everyone else was done starving for the cleric to actually move, which consisted of deleting all my farms, turning off everyone else’s jobs, and waiting a good 20 minutes. Luckily I have defenses that break the enemy AI, so nothing was able to attack me while this was going on.

@MaT_MaX if it happens again, try turning off everyone else’s jobs and if you can, move everyone towards the food. Eventually they’ll all eat, the Cleric will still be the last though and it’s going to take about 20 minutes at least. If your farm animals are also participating, just delete the farms and restock them later.

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Hi there! The same happend to me too with Poyos, a lazy shepherd, a starving cleric and soldiers going nuts, always running around from food to cleric and back, but never eating. Just turning off the clerics job didnt help, but remaking the cleric into a worker helps. I played on A23.