Startflag on a tree

I was able to place the Campflag on a tree

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Select a place where there are trees
  3. Plant campflag on a tree

Expected Results:
Campflag shouldn´t be placeable on trees.

Actual Results:

I don´t know if even the campfire or some hearthlings would also be placed on the tree with different Flag-placement and/or with bigger treetops.
Edit 1: Tried it in the desert and the Flag planted itself this time on the ground, probably has something to do with the treetrunk as well, as it was not where the treetop was.

Version Number and Mods in use:
German Translation v15


wow what a lovely place to plant a flag. Very nicely found. I vote for best find of the day :slight_smile:


Well, thanks for that. I didn´t expect that a flag is placeable up there.


You can just harvest the tree and the flag will drop down…

Found that out, too. So i guess it´s only a minor issue.:wink:

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Maybe a minor issue, but its happen in the first minutes of the game. Usually this time has to be a perfect user experience (“Oh, i played for 5min and have already 2 Bugs, awful game (bannensoftware)”).

Other notes. This is also possible with moveing the starting banner or placing/moving the “wooden safety standard”. Happends to me on medium oak trees (not on every, just some, dont get a pattern) and small oak trees.
I was also able to place a Sign on the side of a “medium pine tree” some voxel are possible for placement, some not. see screenshot.

This bug is related to Itemplace ghost preview over trunk of trees

You can actually build houses on top of trees, or at least you could in earlier alphas. Treetops are a surface like any other, build a ladder up there and it’s walkable.

edit: back in alpha 8 I actually built a treehouse, link here:

Took a lot of ladders. I forget what happened when I cut the tree down, I think it stayed up in the air, flying through space.

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just wondering, if the flag is up there and you click the alarm for intruder button will the villagers try to go up the tree :slight_smile
Dat would make for some funny video’s :slight_smile: