Standard 9 to 5

In a previous build, we had a bug where workers would stop EVERYTHING and sit around a fire at night. Joking around, and thinking about it more, I would kinda like to see this returned, just polished up. If this is a city builder game, why not have a time in which your Hearthlings are taking a break and relaxing for the evening?

Mind you, when I say polish this up, some things I’d still like to see taken over priority. If the village is under attack and you go to defense mode as one of these things. But working the fields, building a house, gathering resources, are all things that could be pushed aside for a night’s rest.


Well, the problem is that at the beginning of a game (and if you’re establishing in a new area), the settlers don’t really have the luxury of extensive free time and a standardized 9 to 5 occupation–they simply need resources and supplies or they won’t be able to survive.

What if this was something that could be gradually approved by the player, as a means of boosting morale and simulating a stabilizing city? After being a “colony” for so long, eventually the hearthlings will desire a greater variety of food, conveniences, and entertainment for morale (which several other games have employed to some degree or another). One such tactic in this line could be progressing to a less-intensive schedule for certain workers, instead of the current totalitarian command of “get all of this done without any free time whatsoever”.


Or perhaps implement a slider function? A function that allows you to regulate how much time your settlers work, and how much free time they’re designated in a day. (Either as a general function, or per settler. I imagine a general function would be easier to design and work on that though)
So you have a choice to be a tyrannical god and run them haggard till they’re dropping to sleep in the fields, or a gentle spirit, providing them with much festivities and joy!

It would also open up having festivals or celebrations (All in the imagination of the user, naturally!) of having an entire day/s off of work and doing naught but chatting, playing, eating and sleeping! :smiley:

Soldiers may need to be exempt from that though… lol. Someone’s gotta watch for the nasties.

But yes. Such a function or even gradual development as per @Atralane’s suggestion, would be very cool! :slight_smile: (Or… or… No… That’s crazy… But… Maybe… Just maybe… Both together!? :wink:

More life to the village! It’s a must have! :smile:


Take that a step further. Have it affect their tiredness and moral. The more they work, the faster they get tired, thus the more sleep they end up needing after a couple days.

I like it, but we’d have to have a town center / designated festival object. How would you suggest that?


Well, currently the town center/designated festival object would be the camp fire, no? :stuck_out_tongue: Seein’ as that’s where the Hearthlings always sat and chatted.
We could do the traditional dance around the bonfire night! :smile:

And each new campfire that you obtain (if you’re still able to get more campfires) would result in more hubs for hearthlings to converge around (which would be nice for larger populations)

I do think that hearthlings should be given a break, but I think it should be more like sleep and food. Also then you should be able to create object that improve this, like pubs for example.

You could build a pub, and then when it’s dark, before sleeping they hangout in the pub, they get drunk, they go to bed and the next morning, they will sit around the campfire or work with a hangover.

And if we are building a pub, we could have 2 new classes: barkeep and brewer. The brewer can make ale from wheat or so. And barkeep creates glasses of beer to serve to the other hearthlings.

I like the idea of a working pub/inn. (Maybe it could draw in travelers/on map traders too?! :smiley: )

And for brewing, new crop! Barley!(for beer!) ^^ (Or grapes too! A crop that can be both eaten and brewed into wine! ) Of course, that would no doubt be way later down the track if it were ever implemented. :stuck_out_tongue:

The more social life the residents of a city in a city builder game has, the better the game, in my opinion. (And the more happiness requirements of the people = more difficulty and fun keeping the civilisation stable and hence provides more of a challenge too! :wink: ) But that might just be me! Heheh.


Why not have it the best of both worlds.
Put in a party function for ‘patrol groups’ and alternate who’s keeping watch. Allow for your footmen separated into parties take turns having fun while the others keep watch.
Or just a party option that says ‘proceed as normal’ if you need anyone(like a blacksmith/trapper/etc) to continue their work through the festival.
That way your hardworking builders can enjoy their day off but the people needed to hold down the fort can still work some. Idk, could be a good idea :smile:


well based on the kickstarter page it said we will get a brewer.

the level progression is, FarmerBrewerBrew Master

and to my knowledge, once we get that class we will be getting a new barley crop :smile:

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