Staircase? how would i add

this is with walls hidden so you guys can see what im doing with 2 floors i would liek to know how would i have the hearthlings add a staircase connecting the 2 floors (not a ladder )

Once the building is made, use the “add block” tool (its the part that looks like 3 cubes in the custom building thing) to craft a staircase and then create it. If you do it at the same time as the building it will likely cause the whole building to fail.

One of the things they are working on for future alpha versions is a staircase tool, so this is just a temporary workaround to get you going.


thanks will share the finished project the build is the main hub of the town (the barraks if you will the footmen of the city will be here forever (have an poen area in the center that will be the storing plots ) edit im aware of the ib command but will nto use it i plan on doing this map legit normal game plains 4 tree 2 wild anamial 1 minerals (map generation)