Stack placeable items

almost all of the items I have seen that can be placed but are not supposed to placed on top of each other can still be stacked extremely high such as trees and wood/stone piles.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. pause game
  2. place an item
  3. slowly move your cursour around inside of the items ghost until the cross disappears and your cursor reappears
  4. place another one down(this can be repeated many times)
  5. let the Hearthlings build the items and they will always stack on top of each other if you did it right.

Expected Results:
The items will stack

if you rotate the item before placing the next one it is sometimes easier to place it.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-707 (x64)
System Information:

Watched the video, and your way is A LOT faster than the workaround way others of us have found. For many versions now, you couldn’t stack objects, so what you have to do was place the objects you wanted to be stacked, then after they’ve been placed, use the move command and then it would stack on top of the other.