Spikey Biome Help

So I’m trying to make a desertish kind of biome with many many little small mountains, like lots of little spikes coming out the ground.

I currently have no clue how I would do this, ive been messing around with all the settings and i cant get anything to work.

If anyone has any idea how to do this i would really appreciate it!

		"noise_map_settings": {
			"octaves": 3,
			"persistence_ratio": 0.001,
			"bandlimit": 3,
			"aspect_ratio": 1

Is what you mostly need to change.

Octaves are integer values that goes from 2 and up
Bigger values generates bigger and rounder blobs of land mass. Small values generates more noise maps.

persistence_ratio is decimal values going from 0.001… to 0.999…
It affects the octaves, it is hard to explain, so a short but not precise explanation is that high values are noiser than low values that makes terrain more smooth.

bandlimit is decimal values going from 0.1 and up
It basically the scale of the map, increase it by 1 and a mountain and anything else will now double in size

aspect_ratio is decimal too, going from 0.1 and up
It basically stretches the terrain in the horizontal axis, higher values stretch more, lower than 1 shrinks it (you could say it stretch in vertical axis)

For a quick test, you can grab the desert and lower the bandlimit by 1, and maybe increase the persistence_ratio by 0.2. It should give you the effect you want


Thanks! Ill keep you updated how it turns out :smiley:

Ok so after some mucking with it i still cant get it too look how i want.

Im wanting lots of mountains only 1 chunk wide but ranging heights from medium to very tall.

Like a whole punch of pillars.

Similar to these images:


Currently it is making lots of 3x3s


Increase persistence_ratio to max, 0.999.
Lower the octaves to 2, maybe 1 (can’t remember if 1 is a valid value)
Increase bandlimit to space the mountains, or lower to make them close together.

		"plains_percentage": 85,

plains_percentage goes from 0 to 100. Will make more or less flat areas (no mountains)

For the height, change this:

		"mountains": {
			"step_size": 10,
			"step_count": 12

step_count is how many steps your map can have in a single mountain. Think about it as it were a giant stair, how many step it can have. In your picture it seems like it is getting up to 3 at max.

step_size is how many blocks each step has in height. It has to be a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, etc…)
If you want sharp tall mountains, maybe a 30 value will be good for you. I think desert is 20 and temperate 15 for their heights.


Thanks dude!

Ill give it a go and post my results :smiley:

Looking pretty snazzy :smiley:

Colors definitely need a change but so far its looking sweet :3

I cant wait to build mountain cities with bridges going from peak to peak and massive staircases scaling the sides.


I want that map so badly now! Will you be releasing it as a mod eventually?


Yeah most definitely. I’m hoping to add custom plants and stuff, maybe even a custom story but once I am happy with how the generator looks it could be uploaded by the end of today!


any ideas for custom plants or story or similar i would gladly consider adding!


What colorscheme are you heading with for the ground? What are the biomes climate? I might be able to help out with some plants and such during next week, if you are interested? :slight_smile:

I love the setup for the terrain in this spikey biome, great job!

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Do you want any help with-

…ah, beaten to it xD

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As I am wanting to learn a lot about how to mod this game Ill try do the plants and stuff myself to learn how to do it, but if i need help ill gladly ask you or kitty on what to do :blush:

All I want currently is just ideas for thing like the flora and maybe custom fauna of the area

I’ve also had some other ideas in my head like a dangerous fog on the surface that actually damages your pop, so you are forced to keep up high.


still working a little on colour scheme i shoudl be done in about 10 mins

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next step : adding some grass ?

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So i came up with 5 colours. The original blueish one a few posts up.

Then the same colors from the temperate biome.

Some more vibrant greens.

A lavender looking colour, I really want vibrant purple and pink trees with this!

And finally this one that reminds me a bit of the canyon mod.

Which one should I use?

This is my first day on discourse and ive used my reply limit :frowning:


First of all, welcome to the Discourse! This is certainly a dramatic entrance, hahaha :jubilant:

I love the “rocky spires” look, in fact I’ve already bugged Bruno a little about something similar on the Archipelago thread. So I’m very glad to see how awesome these experiments have turned out – you’re on your way to an amazing new biome here!

My personal favourite colour scheme is the original blue-grey one. It makes me think of misty/foggy shrouded isles, and gives the whole place a magical feel. The dark trees make a nice contrast with the pale terrain and cliffs.

It’s so great to see the other biome-builders leaping on to offer support on this, too. You’re in good hands with the likes of Kitty, Bruno, Fornjotr and coasterpaul :merry:


The first one is awesome

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I haven’t gotten far in modding yet, but ideas I can do. :stuck_out_tongue:
This is just brainstorming. I’m not even gonna try to bother about what is technically possible.

I like the idea of dangerous fog. Or really any kind of danger in the valleys to keep the player up high. Don’t make it too dangerous though. Keep it as an area of high risk, high reward, so it’s an adventure every time you need to send someone there to get some necessary resources (hunt, pick fruit, get wood).

Maybe give the weaver a recipe for a gas-mask? Maybe with better versions that gets unlocked as the weaver levels up. Non of them perfect but at least they get better so you can explore further.

If the fog is a persistent thing and if it’s not just one big particle effect but instead smaller, overlapping particle effects then you might be able to make it so that you can barely see anything through them, but if one of your hearthlings is inside one you change the opacity of that one so you can see that area more clearly, giving you a fog of war.

An animal that I think would work well with this foggy setting is… something that works like a walking thorn bush. Either some kind of ent or a turtle dressed in thorn bushes as extra protection or something like that. The point is that it shouldn’t be hostile, just block your path, preferably be quite big (like the largest creatures in game now), the thorns makes it difficult to injure or build ladders over and they only move around at night, so every day there is a new labyrinth in the valley, hidden in the fog.
There should be stationary thorn bushes and trees and stuff as well, so you can get a labyrinth without filling the valley with creatures.

A foggy labyrinth is a good hunting ground for a predator. Just saying. :wink:

The fog could come from plants. Either they spew out a cloud now and then (more dangerous than the rest of the fog because of the concentration) or their fruits burst when they get to old. If the fruits are a really good food source you get another level of high risk, high reward. As the hearthling goes to pick the fruit a plant/fruit starts to shake, signaling that it’s about to burst and the hearthling panics and runs away. Usually they get away, but sometimes the run straight into another burst.

To add danger to the high areas as well it would be nice with a predator that could either fly or climb. As far as I know the pathfinding don’t support flying so far, so lets go for climbing. You might be able to add “invisible ladders” to your mountain sides (maybe just mark them with a slightly darker stone color, because cracks) that only the predator can use (and maybe hearthlings with a climber trait). To protect your town you might be able to smooth the stone.
Another advanced feature could be that the predator could glide through the air, like a flying squirrel. If it’s only able to fly straight then the pathfinding would “just” be to send out a ray in a slightly downwards angle and see if it hits another mountain.

That’s all for now. Time to sleep. Good luck with everything. :slight_smile: