Spent so long rerolling stats my finger now hurts

Hi Hearthlings! new player/new user here!

First off, what an amazing, real buggy, but seriously cool game. I’ve played a lot of city-manager/sim types/voxel games and this one really is a stunner, haven’t put it down since I got it a week ago!

So anyway, the argument that being able to pick your starting Hearthlings’ Personality Traits would force your hand on optimisation and that you don’t want people to feel they are sub-optimising is compelling but the fact you can re-roll basically forces me to as someone that can’t resist optimising to re-roll for an hour…

I’ve been wasting a lot of time rerolling stats lately and it’s getting a bit dull, so dull that I made this very easy to make account (kudos, I hate when bureaucracy invades the internet) to more or less beg you to change this or at the very least release a developer mod that allows the player to pick the starting traits (I don’t even care about the stats).

<3 <3 <3 But for real, please, please, please, I love your game, please: let us pick the Personality Traits <3 <3 <3

That’s all ^^’


Thanks for the feedback about the traits, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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@Sulli my friend @OwlGo has been working on something for Trait selection recently I believe. I know the struggles with Traits, it’s why my mod only has a small selection so I know I’ll roll the ones I want for my starters. Hopefully soon the “Box O’ Vox - Customizations” will have that option if the devs don’t give us a leg up.

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No worries! Thanks! :smiley:

There’s also this annoying thing where you can’t click a ladder onto a block designated to be mined and water doesn’t flow symmetrically down equal/symetrical waterfalls :frowning:

Also, just from an OCD perspective, making the starting hearth/banner blocks odd numbered but the tunnel system 4x4 is just sadistic xD A large odd numbered door would be very kind now that the new mining tool (which rocks, pun intended) let’s us build/mine in a format other than 4x4 cubes easily :slight_smile:

Your game is awesome <3

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Ooooo, thanks! Is there a way to force trait selection with modding/file editing?

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sort of. you can limit the selection which in turn will shorten the rolls needed to get the trait you want. and hopefully fully selectable once Owl gets it working

Aw man! Is it possible to do that right now, I’m literally still rolling for all passionate knights it’s a knightmare xD Puns, the puns xD

You’re rerolling them individually at least and not all together, right? It took me a while to notice the little die in the upper right corner of each hearthling.

Oh yeah. That took me several new games to notice xD