Spacebase DF-9 alpha released by Double Fine to Steam Early Access

Just saw this on steam. Another survival city management game. But now in space. :blush:

Some gameplay footage (not so good quality)


wow… i wonder if they are trying to capitalize on the success of Rimworld’s campaign? not that DF needs to steal the limelight or anything… :wink:

Has anyone tried this yet? I admit, I was tempted.

Not me. I am also not really into buying it now. Too low on the features at the moment to my liking. I shy away from pre-alpha’s as I dont have a really good record for playing them much. :blush:

Ok, which “DF” are we talking about? There’s this DF (DF-9), DF as in Double Fine, and DF as in Dwarf Fortress. So many DFs!!!

hahha… apologies… in this instance, it was indeed Double Fine… :wink:

Here’s a little video by the best guy, Sips_, for your enjoyment and preview for purchase.


Looks like even established studios can rip off gamers, Double Fine just released Space Base DF-9 unfinished with no further development.