Something Different - Beef Jerky

Hey guys,

there are so many game KS projects its time for something different.
Also the creators name is Dan Ford! I actually only did notice that because the creator messaged me and asked if my KS name is my real name.
My only reason to back it was on a whim, because in Germany we don’t have beef jerky and I wanted to try it… no idea what I am getting myself into here.

Anyway take a look and maybe its something for you:

well, being a native Texan, beef jerky is pretty common place here… in fact, i think during your first 2 years of school, children are fed this almost exclusively during lunch… :meat_on_bone:

having said that, i’ve never tried Australian beef jerky, and am genuinely intrigued… please provide an accurate critique when it arrives! :smile:


have tried it and it was awful. then again in not American and found it in my local tesco (engerlayend)

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I quite liked it when I found it in my local Tesco… and so did my dog. :wink:

I’ve got to say I liked it when I had it, assuming my memory’s serving me correctly. Also found in my local Tesco…@SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 you haven’t gone and gotten Tesco to sponsor this forum to afford your dream beach house have you?

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That’s Fresh & Easy to our American kin (at least it was until Tesco sold it off) - I used to work for them and trust me, I would defend this place until my death to prevent them from involving themselves here.

Don’t worry, Steve’s washboard abs are helping us on our way to that dream.


sorry, i’ve never heard of Tesco (or Fresh & Easy)… i feel as though i havent traveled enough now…

there are very few doors these beauties cant open…


Oh hi!

I completely forgot about giving an update.

For one thing let me first say that for a Kickstarter this one was delayed by only about a month or two, which is rare for a Kickstarter project.

The packaging looks really well done and the beef jerky was perfectly isolated.

Naturally I cannot give a comparison as this was my first beef jerky I ever had.
I don’t rue backing it at all as now I know what to expect from this kind of snack, which was what this was all about.

So about the taste - my wife disregarded it with the comment “meh - dog food”, but I do not agree with that at all. It was of a very salty and yet sweet consistence and was quite a neat chewing experience. The best thing was probably having a new kind of taste, but if I had something like this available in such a good quality (I assume its good in comparison… maybe an expert has compared it?) I would buy it regularly. Ordering regularly from Australia would be just silly though and also its not beating other kinds of snacks so much that I would go out of my way just to get beef jerky.

Welp… it was an interesting experience, sorry that I forgot this thread.

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well, thanks for the early morning (and certainly unexpected) culinary review! :smile:

sort of odd to live vicariously through someone else’s jerky experience… but it was almost as good as sampling it myself! :wink: