...in the Kickstarter Video

Just kind of throwing the thought out there…

How many times have y’all watched the kickstarter video, because seriously, every time the mention something having been in the video, I have to go back and find it, whether it be fighting game easter eggs, or most lately the wombat.

Just a slice of curiosity.

Like 12 or so, I also have a huge tendency of going to their kickstarter daily.

if i watch the video 3 more times, it will be an even 1,000 for me… and i’ll get a brand new set of steak knives! :smiley:


it seems like i’m waiting at my computer on kickstarter i’ve watched it at least 22 times through the kickstarter campagian I really REALLY love stonehearth :smiley:

welcome aboard @Rekragamm … its ok, the first step is admitting you have the problem… then the healing can begin… :wink:

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@SteveAdamo Ive been dow the ‘healing’ route and it does’nt work, In fact I think its made it worse

agreed… those 12 step plans are complete rubbish… :tongue:

12 step!? I think I read the instructions updside down, I did 120 steps no wonder most of the steps were repeating themselves…

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